redemptive disruption

J. Kameron Carter. This man–the embodiment of intellect and grace and a prophet in our time–calls us to challenge the systems that we are subjected to or continue to hold in place in and outside of the church. In every moment of our everyday existence, Carter says, Jesus encounters us with the call,  ‘follow me.’ As he spoke, I couldn’t help but place myself in this story. In what ways am I being asked to ‘follow?’ Continue reading

beautiful things

i went to group last wednesday–SPU’s weekly worship through scripture, reflection and music. i long for these opportunities to worship. as much as i tell my worship team at church that they can (should?) worship while leading, it’s not the same. sometimes you need to be able to just be still, close your eyes and wait on God. no instrument waiting to be played, no mic in hand. and that evening, that’s what i did. i went to group by myself, not knowing anyone, sat down and listened and sang and prayed. Continue reading